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  • Detailed Data

    100% of those polled said TeamSnap makes all the details simpler.

  • Better Communication

    100% also said TeamSnap makes communication quicker.

  • Easy Management

    100% of those polled said TeamSnap makes their coaching and team management job easier.


“TeamSnap is a critical element of any modern coaching tool-kit. Having a central location for all team information, messaging and critical elements of team activities is an essential part of my management strategy. As practices change, game times fluctuate or great photos surface, TeamSnap allows me to instantly share these messages and memories with the entire team community. It’s also great on the go with a constantly updated mobile app that lets me communicate directly with players and parents from anywhere my busy schedule takes me. In today’s hectic world of youth sports, TeamSnap is a beacon of light for any coach and should be part of every league’s coaching arsenal.”

— Chip Lange — Youth Football Coach 


"Before I became manager of my daughter's travel soccer team in summer of 2013 no one had thought to use TeamSnap.  Now, not a single player, parent or coach could imagine being on the team without it!  Every aspect of our travel soccer participation is or could be managed with TeamSnap!  We travel all over the country and within a few taps on our cell phones we get GPS directions to games, SMS or email our entire team, share photos, and get illustrated team rosters!  It’s affordable, comprehensive, and fun!  Best money ever spent in any organized sport, period!"

— Joe Welsh, Team Manager